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Speech of the Dean

Praise and Glory be to the Lord and Peace be to His Prophet Mohammad and his Pure Progeny.

Establishing the Technical College under the sponsorship of Al-Ayen University within its comprehensive vision imposes a great responsibility upon us to improve the outcomes of the new technical engineers who graduates from this institution, and hence supporting the state with the required expertise and to keep pace with the rapid scientific development in all fields. besides improving the ethical leadership of the society to reach the goal that is in line with lofty humanitarian principles. Our college also strives to attract distinguished teaching staff from inside and outside the country to be able to achieve its scientific career and at the same time encourages scientific research programs by its staff to remain in the ranks of distinguished scientific institutions.

In consideration to the global and local markets needs for the engineering specialties and especially in the medical field and computers,  the College of Technical Engineering was established in the Year 2021-2022 with its two departments-Computers Technology and Medical Devices Technology. It began enrolling students for the current year and it became the sixth College included by Al-Ayen University and the first of its kind at the Province  

Asst. Prof Dr. Rafid Sagban Al-Jibori

Dean of the College


the College is looking forward to prepare competent specialized technical engineers in various engineering fields, through linking the scientific syllabus with the Global, local and regional requirements and to keep pace with the continuous development in these fields . Therefore, the College strives to provide the community and industrial needs and to cope with the rapid advancement of medical devices, internet  and the field of tablets and computers

The Mission:

Preparing the distinguished and leading staff to achieve the Technical Engineering Educational Progress and Scientific Research

Promoting cooperation with state institutions, colleges, all search centers and local community to achieve the best scientific and consultation services

Improving the scientific level of the labors via holding development courses and conducting practical and applied researches

Sponsoring the qualified and talented staff and utilizing their capacities in preparing applied researches that contribute to solve real problems in the engineering and industrial fields which encountered by many projects inside and outside the state .

The Objectives:

the main objective of the College is to provide high quality education and aims to graduate technical engineers qualified to work at the local and global markets and have the following

ability to design and perform the experiences

ability to work as an integrated team with various specialties and utilizes the team work to serve the community

ability to determine, indicate and solve the engineering problems through applied researches

ability to use the modern engineering technique, skills and tools

Work to enhance the performance standards, including the application of international standards in the field of technical education.

Enhancing the links between the college and the various sects of society and following up on graduates.

Contact Information

email: t.eng@alayen.edu.iq                

Mobile No.  078022814535


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Students evaluation referendum for the teaching staff for the year 2021-2022
Students evaluation referendum for the teaching staff for the year 2021-2022
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